Energy efficient infrared heating with innovative infrared technology from Burda WTG

Burda WTG is proud to present BURDA Heatpanels, modern, highly effective and energy saving infrared heating which works just like the sun. Operating at nearly 100% efficiency, our innovative infrared technology can reduce energy consumption by as much as 60% in contrast to conventional heating!

BURDA Heatpanels – intelligent infrared heating!

Infrared heating systems use beams of infrared light, generating pleasant warmth for the people and objects in contact with it. At the same time a significant heat storage effect is achieved, providing ongoing and comfortable air temperatures. The costly “diversion” of heating the air (convection) used for conventional room heating systems is unnecessary with infrared heating. This is what makes BURDA Heatpanels so efficient and the feeling of warmth so wonderfully relaxing. Enjoy BURDA Heatpanel infrared heaters like sunrays on a clear winter’s day!

Experience the range of benefits offered by Burda WTG, manufacturers of infrared heating systems

Infrared heating systems by Burda WTG, the infrared heating manufacturers, offer not only highly efficient but also extremely appealing solutions for energy-conscious users in hospitality and trade, business, surgeries and waiting rooms, government offices, public buildings and in the home.

BURDA Heatpanels – great reasons to invest in modern IR heating systems:

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  • gentle, steady radiant heat similar to tiled stove heating
  • targeted heating of chosen zones
  • dry, warm walls and objects
  • completely silent operation
  • light, flat construction (max. 1.6 cm only )
  • easy to mount on walls or ceilings
  • connect to normal household electricity sockets
  • no moving parts, no maintenance
  • healthier air inside as no dust is raised
  • ideal forasthma and allergy sufferers
  • highest possible energy efficiency when used in conjunction with solar panels.

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BURDA Heatpanels – powerful infrared heating designed according to your choice

A range of surface structures are available for our heating panels. Whether you’re looking for something for a surgery or bathroom, reception or a waiting area, or for a restaurant or hotel – you’ll find infrared heaters with the perfect surface structure for your setting, either fitting in discreetly with your existing wall design, or serving as an attractive feature in themselves.

Choose between infrared heating systems with:

  • textured surface
  • personalised designs
  • smooth surface
  • mirror or glass surface
  • and with frames.

Infrared heating systems by Burda WTG: our leading designs


CLASSIC HEAT radiant heaters

Our great-value standard model offering excellent heating in a robust aluminium and steel housing.

NEW- BASIC HEAT  radiant heating device

 Wall heater with an attractive special price.


GLASS HEAT glass fronted heating panels available in any RAL colours

Timeless and tasteful infrared heating panels with decorative surface of highly polished custom glass, available framed or unframed.


IMAGE GLASS HEAT infrared wall-mounted heaters, framed

Decorative glass heaters featuring a range of images and with an elegant design of polished custom glass.

Infrarotheizung fürs Bad: Spiegelheizung

Infrared bathroom heater: MIRROR HEAT reflective heater

Classically styled infrared heating with a reflective surface of highly polished and heat resistant custom glass.